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Kirk Beasse Registered Psychologist in Victoria, BC

Kirk Beasse, Registered Psychologist in Victoria, B.C.

About Kirk Beasse

Welcome. I am a Registered Psychologist (#2207) offering adult psychology services in Victoria, B.C. (Fairfield area). I completed my Master’s in Counselling with City University of Seattle and, prior to this, earned my Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology at the University of Alberta.

Studying family dynamics, intimate relationships, human sexuality, and numerous other subjects in my ecology degree helped to instill in me a holistic systems perspective. In 2013 and 2014, I was invited to return to this program as a University instructor. I also worked in community settings for several years and, more recently, in private practice.

I am passionate about working with others to understand and integrate their experience of thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. I am also a Level I Qi Gong practitioner (with Dr. Aung).

Personal Philosophy

My approach to counselling is organic. I prefer the least intrusive approach that respects the person’s wisdom and resources (and their ability to connect with them). The foundation of my work is described in professional terms as client-centred and psychodynamic. This means, first of all, cultivating a deep and real presence, witnessing clients’ experiences and aiding in their processing, and then exploring the underlying patterns that appear in our past and present. Throughout, clients have the power and wisdom to direct and choose their experience.

I believe that people have incredible resources.

Part of my work is to help clients connect with and fully experience themselves. In a safe and supported environment, we examine patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and emotions. By increasing conscious contact with our mental, emotional, and physical worlds, aspects that are blocking our potential can be released.

Psychological Approach

I draw upon diverse therapeutic resources, depending on the presenting need. Clients may prefer the practical use of Solution-Focused Therapy, the depth of insight provided by Existential or Gestalt Therapies, or the hands-on approach of working with consciousness through mindfulness, zones of awareness, etc. The foundation is increasing awareness and our ability to direct our experience.

Clients most often contact me regarding anxiety and/or depression. I also see clients experiencing challenges with emotions, relationships, grief, trauma, and pain.

I’m passionate about using a holistic model that appreciates and includes our minds, bodies, and emotions.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change.”

Carl R. Rogers

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